Friday, September 25, 2015

Chronicles of a pumping mom

So its been a few months since I posted about being an exclusively pumping mom. My original plan was to pump until I went back to work full time @ 12-weeks. 3-months came and went and I figured I'll push for 6-months. But then as the 6-month mark draws closer and I see JAE thriving, I have decided to go until 10-months which is next February. I currently have enough milk to sustain her for a month in our deep freezer and I'm hoping to have 2-month's worth by the time I finish pumping. That way, she'll be able to get a full year of breastmilk. Same as JOE. Note: I pumped for almost 11-months for JOE and had enough to get her through her first birthday. 

I have started the "weaning" process though and I have been dropping one pump each month. Until JAE turned 12-weeks, I was pumping 8-times every 24-hours. Around the 12-week mark, my milk supply was established so I dropped a pump and went down to 7-pumps every 24-hours. I have been dropping one pump each month since and am now down to 5-pumps. I plan on dropping one more pump in October to go down to 4-pumps but  my plan is to stay at 4-pumps per day for 2 to 3-months before dropping another pump to ensure I maintain my supply. I'm still pumping between 38 & 42 oz per day and I'm hoping to keep that supply level for another 3 months.
If you're interested, here is my pump schedule.

I went back to my regular work commute the first week of July and it has been a bit of a challenge keeping up with my pumping schedule, dealing with a very busy and demanding job and also being there for my family. I'd be lying if I said it was easy. Its been very stressful and sometimes, I just want to throw in the towel and say "I'm done!" But I know this is a temporary sacrifice that will benefit JAE in the years to come and I am willing to make that sacrifice for her. 

Waking up at night to pump has been quite a challenge but thanks to Amazon Prime membership and browsing on Instagram, I am able to stay entertained while pumping.

I often have to pump when J is at work and I have the kids on my own. I get home earlier than J and sometimes have to pump before he gets one. One of those days, JOE had to go pee. I didn't want to disconnect so I kept it connected and took her to the restroom. She often knows what to do as long as I lift her. 
Well, one day, I did and my pump which was clipped to me fell. I almost started crying! I don't know if it affected my pump but that pump has never been the same again. Since then, I have been using the less mobile but more efficient Ameda Purely Yours pump which I got through my health insurance.

Like I said, I have to pump while at work. I have had to pump in some rather interesting places. From pumping while driving to pumping in the car while J drove. I started taking selfies and have decided to call them my "fun selfies."

My darling JAE refused to nurse BUT she loves to gnaw on my pump parts!

Another "fun selfie."I am so thankful that my job provides an area where I can express milk during the day.

So now when you see me smiling in one of these "fun selfies," you know what's up.

When I went back to work, I had to pump 3 times at work. To stay at 7 pumps per day, I had to pump on my way home. NOTE: The below picture was taken while the car was stopped and as you can see, even though I was hooked up to the pump, my seat belt was on!

Speaking of fun selfies. We recently went to Aruba on vacation. I had to pump on all 4 legs of our flight. It was rather interesting. I am so thankful for the nursing apron I got when I had JOE. 

While I pumped, J attended to JOE and JAE. 

It gets even better. I had to pump in the lady's room at the airport in Aruba. Oh and to make it even more interesting, there were men at work in the lady's room so I had to stand in a stall for part of my pumping session. 

I was not happy about pumping in a stall but I had no choice. I was not going to be able to carry JAE in the baby carrier if I didn't get some relief.

Finally, they left and I was able to finish my pump session.

And while I pump, she often keeps me company. A reminder of why I make the sacrifice I do.

I often talk about "labor of love" and breastfeeding, pumping or even formula feeding a baby is a labor of love. I am thankful to have the privilege to provide sustenance for this little blessing of mine. 

Have you overcome any pumping/nursing/formula feeding challenges? If so, please share your story. I'd like to read about it. 

Until then, have a fabulous weekend and remember to be kind to strangers!


  1. Mummy has to pump, I love the photo in the car shows your determination and dedication. Look at how cute JAE is growing. Your photo in the plane makes want to go to Ghana. Hope you write about the experience so I can show my hubby and he won't be worried about taking the kids on trip.

  2. Haha you're hilarious. I used to have to pump in the toilets during every coffee and lunch break when I went to college when Orlaith was 5 months old. Sometimes it still wasn't enough and I'd leak through my uniform but my teachers were understanding and would let me go 'relieve myself' and change before coming back to class. I initially wanted to breastfeed for 1 year and ended up extending it to 20 months. That amount of time was perfect for us (despite my family's criticisms) about her being too old to breastfeed. I love seeing other mummy's working around their schedules to provide the best nutritiontion for their kiddos. Well done you :)

  3. Is that he-man you're watching? I would not have pegged you for a fan. I used to love watching that after school. You'd have to tear me away from he-man and thundercats.

  4. Wow, J, I am amazed at what you've been going through with this exclusively pumping business, that really is a job and a half. You go girl, keep up the good work. It's always so nice to hear other people's stories about their breastfeeding experience, no one is exactly the same but the determination is always the same.

    JAE is getting so big, soon this will be a distant memory and a great story to read back on. I still can't believe I am done nursing all the kids.

  5. Amazing lady...pure determination and I'm sure your little girl appreciates it so much! Love the selfies!


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