Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Photo Dump Wednesday: Celebrating JAE

It's hump day!!! The weekend is almost here and I am pretty excited about it. 

We will be having a Sip and See for JAE this weekend. We are excited for her to meet our close friends who have not met her. We didn't do a baby shower since we already have a ton of girl stuff from JOE. But we wanted to still celebrate JAE's arrival so this is an opportunity to do so. 

I originally started pinning a ton of stuff on Pinterest but have not had a lot of time to do much so we're just going to make it a simple celebration with good food, fun activities for the kids and a chance to also welcome guests to our home. We didn't have a house warming when we moved 2 years ago so this is like an all in one celebration :-D.

Anyways, in celebration of the girl of the hour, here are some pictures of JAE.

Since we are going to be having guests over at our home, J and I decided to put up some of the pictures from our family photo session done earlier in the summer. Here are some of those pictures. 

I also updated the family picture wall. 

For the longest time, we've been meaning to add something to the wall above the fireplace. We finally got to do it this weekend. 

And while J worked to put things up, JAE watched him from the loveseat. Clearly, J was boring her from the looks of the picture below :-).

And where was JOE? Well, our very thoughtful neighbors kept JOE while we were able to hammer out a lot of this work. We definitely have THE BEST neighbors!

In our bedroom, we added a focal point to the wall facing our bed. 

And then I used groupon to get a few photo canvas made for hanging up around the house. I love that JAE is now officially on the walls of our home.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the photo session we did.

And here is one of my baby girl trying to crawl. She really is determined to be on the move!

And here is JOE gnawing on my finger. Oh the joys of a teething infant. She doesn't like the binky or soothie so basically, its either my freshly washed finger or her fingers. FUN.


  1. Love the updates you've done in your home. The pictures are insanely adorable!

    Hope the sip and see goes well. We are having one too as we opted not to have a second shower- hopefully you'll have some good tips for me.

  2. Bless, you have such a beautiful family! Love the idea behind the sip and see party, its sounds just right! And good work with the DIY x

  3. Those are all great shots of Jae and I love the pictures and art that you added to your wall. I hope the Sip and See turns out to be a wonderful event with your family and friends... :)

  4. Wow J, you guys did an awesome job updating pics around the house. Isn't so awesome when all your kids are on the walls :). You never shared the pics from the photoshoot but the few that you showed looked amazing. That pic of you and the girls and the one of J and the girls are my absolute favorite.

    So excited to see you guys tomorrow and celebrate JAE.


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