Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Family update: 5 weeks

Why is time flying by?

I feel like I just had JAE and already,  she is 5 weeks old.
We are really loving being a family of 4. JOE has been a little more demanding but overall,  she is adjusting well.  The one indisputable fact though is that she really loves her sister.

I know people talk about kids regressing when they have a new sibling.  While we haven't really had that with JOE, she makes demands like asking to be fed,  wanting to be carried,  wanting to play with her sister's toys.  In the grand scheme of things,  I think she is doing just great. 

Since she often wants us to feed her,  when she ate by herself last night,  I insisted on snapping a picture of my big girl.

JOE decided to have some of her toys share a chair. We have been talking to her about sharing.  But this was not what we had in mind :-).

I love this picture of my girls. 

Last weekend,  it was very hot so J decided to treat his girls to some yummy cold treats from Ritas. 

Update on my post baby weight loss at 5 weeks postpartum.  We've been going for evening walks every evening and I am glad to say it's helping a little.  I am not one of those who lose weight while nursing/pumping.  Oh well.

Last weekend,  I decided to try my hands at making Caribbean jerk chicken.  I found a recipe on pinterest and tweaked it a little.  I marinated the chicken overnight and J grilled it the next day to perfection. 

We had the chicken with grilled corn.  Yum! 

I mentioned earlier we've been going for walks.  On Saturday,  we went for a walk and the neighborhood next to ours was having a garage sale. JOE saw this tool shed with toy power tools and immediately wanted it.  At $20 for the shed and tools,  it was a steal! Definitely a good distraction for her while I pump. The best part is the power drill that actually makes a sound and can be used on the screws. Even J has a good time playing with it. 

My girls again.  I can't get enough  of them. 

Although JAE is a good sleeper at night,  every now and then,  she has a screaming fit after she gets her bottle. We think it's because she doesn't know how to settle back down.  This picture was taken the morning after one such night. I get up twice each night to pump so I am somewhat used to it. J often gets up to feed JAE but she often goes back to sleep shortly after. 

Taking advantage of being home together,  J and I went to the cheesecake factory to celebrate our 4th anniversary which was 6 days after JAE arrived.  We certainly had a great time but dude,  why do I always get the smaller piece of cheesecake? 

Like I've said in the past,  JAE loves her sleep. I do love how she is often so relaxed while sleeping. "

And when she is awake,  she enjoys some cuddle time with her dad. 

To close out this post here is a picture of smiling JAE. 
J goes back to work next week.  I have truly enjoyed the last 3 weeks of his paternity leave. I go back to work in early June.  I'll be teleworking full time for a month before starting back up with my regular schedule. 

Have a fabulous weekend and be safe!


  1. Did somebody say Cheesecake Factory? Those slices of cheesecake look so delicious. I really love the pictures of Joe and Jae together, but the one of Jae smiling just stole my heart... :)

  2. So glad to hear that you all are adjusting well!

    Girlfriend, I love me some Ritas. At the Rita's in our area, every Tuesday it is 50% off :)

    The chicken and corn look delicious!

    Loving the pictures of JOE and JAE together, so beautiful!

  3. I'm loving these updates. I'm getting nervous about taking care of two.
    We grill almost every night- corn is in the menu once a week, lol! Love it!

    The girls are adorable and you look great mama!

  4. Gosh, JAE is so freaking adorable, that last picture of her smiling is the best. You have such a beautiful family.

    Your post partum body looks amazing, you really bounce back quickly.

    JOE is doing so well as a big sister. Happy belated anniversary.

  5. Your girls are too adorable and i also can't believe 5 weeks already...time sure does fly by real fast!! You are looking amazing lady! glad you are able to telework for a month...more time with the girls!!

  6. Oh my word, these girls are growing so fast. And not so long ago JOE was as tiny as JAE. I think it's so great that you had so much help with meals that you only cooking now. I hope I'll be as lucky. You are looking great by the way.


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