Friday, April 3, 2015

Pregnancy update @39 weeks

We are finally in the home stretch. Now, we're counting in days not weeks. Wow! Time is FLYING BY so fast. J, JOE and I are excited, nervous, happy and a mix of all 3 emotions. We're excited to meet the newest member of our team. We're nervous of the changes that'll bring and we're happy for this blessing from God. 

How Far Along? 39 weeks. By the new standards used, I am now considered FULL TERM!!! Woohoo!!! I am fine with baby staying until her due date.

Size of Baby? Now about 20-inches long. For comparison, baby is now about the size of a  mini watermelon. Per my last OB appointment, this baby will be slightly larger than JOE so we're still talking under 7-lbs. I didn't gain any weight between weeks 37 and 38+. So my current weight gain to date for this pregnancy is still at 3.2-lbs. I have been hungrier lately though but the numbers on our scale at home hasn't changed.

Maternity Clothes? Still in them and also still able to alternate maternity clothes and pre-pregnancy clothes. 

Stretch Marks? So far, nothing new has cropped up. But I can't always see around my round belly anymore For now though, I haven't noticed any new ones.

Sleep? It was better a couple of weeks ago but we're back to peeing 8-times per night. #TIRED!!! 

Food Cravings? I still love my cups of ice. Now, I have my JOE slurping on ice too. I am also a lot more thirsty these days. 

What I Miss: Being able to get things out of the oven without burning myself. Chuck that up to forgetting I have a bump in front of me. I miss playing with my baby JOE. I miss being able to give her a bath without struggling to get up. But even with all the things I miss, I am excited that we will have a new blessing joining us soon. 

What I'm Looking Forward To:  I have decided I do want a maternity photo session. J doesn't know it yet but he'll have to take the pictures this weekend. I found some inspiration online (see below) and can't wait to put him to work. 

Symptoms? Sleepless nights, swollen fingers and feet. 

Movement? YES! Much slower but stronger movements now. 

Belly Button In or Out? Still very much in. It never came out last time with JOE's pregnancy so I don't think it will this time. However, due to an old belly button injury, I have a funny thing going on in that area so it sometimes makes it look like I have a popper but I don't really.

Labor Signs? Braxton Hicks!!! Still manageable. I plan on starting on the same raspberry tea leaves regimen I did with JOE next week Tuesday after my next OB appointment. And also doing jumping jacks if little miss sunshine isn't showing signs of making her debut :-).

Best Moment of the Week? I already know that JOE and her sister will be best of friends. She talks to her all the time and gives her kisses. See one of the pictures below. It really melts my heart.

Pictures? Yup. Here are a few pictures below.

39+ weeks taken this morning.

39+ weeks taken this morning.

Inspiration for my photo shoot session this weekend. 

Inspiration for my photo shoot session this weekend. 

Our weekly mommy/daughter selfie. 

JOE sure does love her sister!

Have a fabulous weekend and remember to be kind to strangers!


  1. You are looking so good girl! Cute mommy-daughter picture. :)

  2. It's so nice to see you and your little girl is so beautiful. I hope she really enjoyed her birthday.

  3. Awwww! All the best on this last stretch! The maternity shoot looks like it'd be fun too! Wish you all the best! X


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