Monday, April 6, 2015

Catching up! Last week and Easter Weekend.

We had a lovely week and weekend. On Thursday, Jordan's child care provider had an emergency which required that I leave work early to relieve J since he had an important meeting he couldn't miss that afternoon. 

While it was a bit of a pain, it was also nice for me to savor my last few days with my baby as an only child. She will be getting a sibling soon and soon, she'll have to share my time. It was definitely an opportunity to enjoy my baby and see how much she's grown/changed. 

Anyways, here is my little Ms. Sunshine in her tea party outfit. Fit for a princess :-). We made several practice Easter egg hunts around the house to get her ready for Easter Sunday. She is actually pretty good at it. I just love the squeal she makes when she finds an egg.

Then it was time to select a book to read in the glider J put together for me. Funny story about the glider, I figured it would be a good way to get JOE to sleep. So we got on there and while I rocked, I read her a couple of books. 
After the 3rd book, she turned to me and said "momma, I don't want to sleep! I am going to build blocks!"
Clearly, she was on to me. 

And off she went to build her blocks. Yeah...we're still working on her smile when I say "cheese!" :-)

My very thoughtful "baby" sister sent us a beautiful and delicious Edible Arrangements in addition to a gift for baby. She thought of everyone in the house and got each person something. It definitely made our day on Friday evening to have some yummy treats.

And here's JOE's style for the week. I wanted her to only get 2 braids but she insisted on 4. Since we don't do 4 often, I obliged her. Her hair is growing so much! I love that we now have a mostly peaceful time doing her hair. It has truly saved us time, energy and tears.

Since we're still working on the smiley face, I figured I'll get one of her crying face. I asked JOE to pretend cry and this is what I got. How cute!

For Easter, after Church, we took JOE to McD to play around for a bit (aka...burn off some energy) and then we came home and J placed the Easter eggs around our front yard for JOE. Here she is all excited about going out.

But before heading out, JOE got to open her Easter basket. 

JOE likes to play pretend jump rope so we got her one. It serves a dual purpose. As her jump rope AND her lasso. Score!

The Easter egg hunt was a success. JOE had a great time. Pardon my sniffling in the video. I am having serious allergies which has me fully congested. Ick! 

JOE and her loot. She really enjoyed it.

Smiling with her dadda who helped place the eggs around and also helped her along the way.

JOE's "masterpiece!" 

JOE's child care provider worked with her on this piece below. I love that her child care provider is teaching her some biblical lessons. 

J thinks I am nesting and he may be right. It was another weekend of cooking multiple dishes. I made some Nigerian beans and rice and topped it off with fried stew and chicken.  


Then sauteed some broccoli for JOE. She loves it.

And then finished up with some macaroni and cheese. I figured if the baby arrives this week, JOE and J won't starve :-).

Overall, it was a blessed weekend. Now, we're just taking it one day at a time as we await the arrival of little miss sunshine...aka "baby sister." 
I know we need to come up with a blog name for her. She'll likely share the same initials as JOE so that's out. 
Do you have any thoughts/ideas? If so, I'd like to hear them. 

Have a fabulously blessed week!


  1. First of all, thank you for sharing your Easter happenings. How about the blog name of JAY to go with JOE. And JAY is a play on your husband's blog name of J.

  2. I like Sharon's idea of JAY ... I am horrible when it comes to stuff like this so I can't help you much.

    Looks like JOE had such a great time. She is so beautiful and her hair is growing so, so much!

    I love how you're making all those meals.

    I do the same for Sean and I on Sundays. It just makes everything so much easier and smoother during the weekday.

  3. Faith,
    I read your blog installment. So peaceful and you're so good to fix lasagna.

  4. Joe looks so pretty in her Easter dress and I loved that you had practice egg hunts to prepare her for the actual day. I'm not sure about a blog name for the baby, but I like Sharon's idea, too... :)

  5. What a great weekend...Isn't awesome that you were able to spend that time with her.....she looked like she had a great time! And enjoy the last few days as a family of exciting that you will soon be a family of 4!!! the alphabets in JOE's room is too cute!


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