Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Photo Dump Wednesday: Learning from children

I love watching and learning from my kids even as an adult. Granted, they are not yet at an age where they understand danger. However, I love that when they see something they want, they go for it!
In the picture below, my oldest daughter JOE got the playdough from her "treasure chest" for being good a few weeks back. However, her younger sister JAE loves to also play with playdough. 
JOE doesn't always like to share. Typical of any kid. However, JAE doesn't let that get to her. When she sees JOE playing at their play table, she pulls up a chair and goes to work. She doesn't let the fear of her sister's rejection stop her. 
JAE sits down and gets comfortable. And often times, JOE ends up sharing and playing with her. 
JAE taught me that just cause others don't want to play nice doesn't mean you give up on your goals. 

Last week while sewing for AyoBE Boutique, JOE wanted to try out the dress I made. She really liked it and immediately ran out to show her dad. However, J was already working out in the basement. 
A typical almost 4 year old would get disappointed. But not JOE, she immediately says to me "mom, I really want daddy to see me in this dress, please get out your phone and take a picture for me then send it to him so he doesn't miss seeing me in this dress." 
JOE taught me that you don't have to settle for the current situation. If it doesn't work, find your workaround and keep it moving!

I am in the process of prepping for JOE's 4th birthday party. She has requested a PJ Masks party. Which ordinarily isn't a problem. The wrench she threw in there for me though is that she wants to be "Catboy." Incase you don't know, catboy is the male character and also the leader of the pack. The female character on the show is Owelette. 
Since I was having trouble finding any catboy outfits for her party, I asked her if she would settle for being Owelette. Her response to me was priceless. She said "no mom! Catboy is the leader and that's what I want to be!"
She knew what she wanted and didn't let the gender of the character stop her. She also followed that up with a "mommy, I know you can make something just right for me!"
OK. I admit, I did give her the side eye when she made that comment because its not like I don't have enough on my plate. However, here is a mock up of her outfit for her birthday. 
JOE taught me that when there is a will, there is a way!

Catboy outfit loading...

Her party will be at a jumping place so I am adding an attached cover under her skirt so she can still have fun. 

After work one day last week, I decided to take the girls out to play for a bit since its been somewhat cold lately. Yup...Fall is here to stay.
While out, our neighbor came around with her dog. The girls had such an awesome time playing with him.

JOE used to be scared of dogs. Even as recently as May when we visited with my brother and his family. However, recently I have noticed a change in her. 
She has stopped being afraid and instead, she tries talking to the dog. They don't understand what she is saying but she has taught me a lesson. To face my fears and talk things through. 

Me and my little teachers. 

Like I said, it has gotten quite cold in our area. We just turned on our heat today. However, last weekend since we were home, we decided to turn on the fireplace just to get a little more heat in the house. 
JAE is afraid of the fireplace and never wants to go by it. But when she saw me and her sister JOE sitting there, she decided to join us. 
JAE has taught me that sometimes, even though something is scary, there is nothing wrong with surrounding myself with the familiar.

We (and by that I mean) like to stay coordinated when we go to Church as far as our outfits go. Well, last Sunday was purple and green. Not colors you see together all the time but I must say that I absolutely love the girls in their outfits!

JOE requested to wear the bracelet and necklace from AyoBE Boutique because it better matches her outfit. At first, I said no because she often changes her mind about jewelry. However, I decided to let her wear it this time. 
She really loves these pieces and was beaming the entire time at Church. So much so that someone asked me for my business card because she was interested in them.
JOE has taught me that just because I didn't like something in the past doesn't mean I should write it off in the future. Sometimes, it is good to give it another try. 

I have learned that when my kids smile, it really does melt my heart. 

I have learned to be thankful for my husband. Sometimes, I give him a hard time sometimes it is called for and other times, it is just me being me. I am VERY thankful to have a partner who gets me! Even when we have our moments, I look at him and am thankful to have him as my husband and the father of my babies. Being thankful is also a great way to heal an upset mind after an argument.

"Mom, you look beautiful!" The words of a child! JOE said this to me last week Sunday after we got home from church. I've been working on losing weight. I am 8-lbs down and far from my goal weight. However, hearing those words from her made me feel so beautiful! She took this picture and I think I will forever treasure it. 
I have learned to see myself through the eyes of my little ones.

What are some lessons you've learned from your little ones or the little ones around you? I'd love to hear from you. 

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  1. I love those pictures that JOE took of you. Purple is definitely your color.

    That neckale and bracelet set is so adorable. You are so talented girl.

    PJ mask party, can't wait, my boys are going to love it.


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