Thursday, January 10, 2013

Progress Report - Two months!

Our little girl turned 2-months on Monday. I can't believe how fast time is flying and how much my little JOE is changing right before my eyes! It really is a miracle and each day, J & I thank God for this precious gift he has given us!

So I'll try to post 3-things on JOE's progress each month. I didn't post one last month so here are 6-things on her progress report.

Months 0 - 1: (Height: 19-inches, Weight: 6lbs 5oz)
1. We co-sleep with JOE (yes, I know...this is not for everyone but it works for us). When she gets in bed, she almost always rolls towards me. But when it comes time for feeding, she turns to her daddy since he does the night feeding while I am pumping.
2. JOE is a great eater! She loves her some milk! She now consumes 3-oz of breast milk per feeding and feeds every 2-hours.
3. JOE is fascinated with ceiling fans! It doesn't matter what type of fan it is, she'll stare at it every chance she gets.

Months 1 - 2: (Height: 22.5-inches, Weight: 10lbs 3.5oz)
1. JOE can now roll from one side to another!
2. JOE now tries to put her entire fist in her mouth! I don't think its very yummy though because after she makes several unsuccessful attempts, she screams out loud for her milk! Speaking of, she is now up to 4-oz of breast milk per feeding but she now feeds every 2-3 hours!
3. JOE smiles A LOT now. If you smile at her, you are almost assured to get a smile back. I LOVE this about her!

So here are progress pics of our little JOE. She looks different! Still very bright eyed! I think she is fascinated with the flash from the camera.
You can't tell but the top half of her iris are blue! Yup...very unusual. I freaked out thinking it was a digestive problem (thanks Google for sending me into panic mode!). The doctor checked her out and it is a genetic trait. Her grandfather on her daddy's side has blue eyes! Not sure why I didn't think of that in the first place.

For comparison, the picture on the left was taken the week after I brought her home (@1-week) and the picture on the right was taken last night (@9-weeks). This co-sleeper is supposed to last up to 25-lbs. Somehow, I don't think she'll be 25-lbs by the time she outgrows this thing.

I am now back working part time (20-hours per week from home) which means I'll be turning on my computer more often. Translation, I can blog after work or during my lunch breaks. YAY!!!

 That's all folks. Hope you're having a fantastic week so far!


  1. Oh wow,look at how she grows. She's changed so much in 2 months. What a beautiful blessing.

  2. Love, love, love this!!! My lil neice is getting so big, she is absolutely beautiful. Glad I can catch up with how Jordan is doing on your blog. - Abi

  3. wow, she's grown so much. it really feels like yesterday when you introduced her to us all. now she is tall and nearly outgrowing her baby basket. and she is feeling herself. gosh, they do grow in a blink of an

    happy 2 months little girl

    1. She has. We marvel each day. People say it goes by fast. Now I am a believer! :-)

  4. 2 months?! Wow! She is beautiful! Her eyes sound unique! :)

    I love that she smiled back when she is smiled at. So sweet :).

    1. They are which is why I freaked out and called the doctor's office :-). I had never heard or seen i t before.

  5. Awwwww, JOE the smiler, I love it. Her eyes sound very different. Happy 2 months JOE. I am sorry that you have to start working part time but I am excited for more posts :).

    1. Thank you! I am somewhat excited to get back to some "normalcy" but I miss JOE already!

  6. She has grown sooo soo much in such a little time. Looking at her as a newborn and now at 9 weeks in incredible. She is absolutely beautiful.

  7. I can't believe she's 2 months already. Time flies by, huh. My 2nd son has blue eyes. When he was born they were kinda purplish. Then they started getting lighter and lighter. Now they are blue and sometimes gray. I have brown eyes, and my husband has hazel eyes, but his dad has blue eyes, and one of my great-great grandparents has blue eyes too.

    1. does.

      Your son's eyes are beautiful! JOE's eyes are still in their development phase so I am eager to see what color they end up as.

  8. Wow she is stunning....she is going to be ridiculously beautiful when she gets older!!! Her eyes sound really incredible! cant wait to see a photo of them! Have a fantastic week!!!!
    Much Love
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)xoxo


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